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Austin (AJ) and Logan are the founders and owners of H&H Heating Sources LLC. As owners we would love to provide the best possible product for the foodservice industry with the Ecoheat, and any other need with our ability to provide custom heating sources.


Austin has graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Project Management and an Associate of Applied Science in Electronic Engineering. Austin has a background in Manufacturing and Engineering with several large companies.


Logan has graduated with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship Minor. Logan has been a part time football coach at Castle High School since 2012. Logan has a background in leadership, project management, and a variety of computer languages.

The founders are committed to providing the best products for every industry which the company serves. In the commitment, H&H has partnered with the Heat Factory USA and the Heat Company. This partnership provides H&H with the best quality products produced by the leader in the body warmer technology.

Heating without Fire:

There are many benefits of heating without fire. First, it is the most convenient way and safest way to heat food, body warmth, and anything else someone needs heat. The main advantage of heating without fire is exactly that, no fire! Fires are hard to manage, control, and use. Fires can ruin any event, or cause catastrophic accidents from house fires to forest fires. These millions of uncontrolled fires every year can be lower if we all heat without fires! At H&H Heating Sources LLC we have developed the only heating source which will provide an efficient and consistent heat without the use of fire. At H&H Heating Sources LLC, we believe heating without fire is the future of heating.